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Interested in valuable statistics about visitors of your website?
Look no further! Thunderstats is the tool for you that does what other products only promise!


Entirely real-time processing and reporting
No generation of reports at fixed hours during the night, but on the fly, as it happens.

Localised timing
Time information is provided in the time-zone of your site rather than the time-zone of the server.

Reports available in both English and Dutch
Because not everyone speaks the same language.

Blindingly fast generation of reports
Depending only on the number of lookups to be processed.

Viewing reports does not crash your browser
Since we use picturised graphs rather than mega-HTML-tables with hundreds of resized pictures.

Real visitor tracking
Since Thunderstats is even able to trace sessions that go through multiple, rotating proxies.

Protected statistics
Accesses through (illegal) mirror copies of your site do not affect the statistics of your site. As Thunderstats checks where the measured pages are, nobody can hamper with or 'borrow' your counters for their own sites.

You get a webcounter at the same time.

Fixed JavaScript code for measurement
All sites and all pages in a site to be measured use the same piece of JavaScript code, since site and section determination is done on the server side rather than the client side, so you can simply embed the code in your page template file or generated pages without hassle.

Multi-homed sites can be monitored
Your site is available at more than one URL? Thunderstats can deal with it!

Licences based on number of lookups instead of number of counters
You can have as many sections ('counters') as you wish, since licences only depend on the total number of page lookups your site has.

What does Thunderstats provide you with
View an example report

What can be monitored?

Normally, only HTML (generating) pages can be monitored, as only these allow displaying of inline images and running JavaScript. Examples are: Files that can't be monitored for that reason include However, Thunderstats adds a download counter feature so that even these can be traced!

What do you need?

All you need is to have a website and your browser. The software runs on one of our servers.

Get your own statistics

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This tool is free for non-commercial sites with a total of up to 1,000 page lookups per day.


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